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Supporting best practice in North Devon

At the heart of supervision is a professional and ethical commitment to safety and best practice. It provides an appropriate space to explore, discuss, query, reflect upon and learn from clinical work.

I offer a supervision experience that is professional, relational and empowering, with a focus on both the welfare of the client, and the welfare & professional development of the therapist.

The Supervisory Relationship

The supervisory relationship is key to a fulfilling and stimulating supervision experience. At our first meeting I take time to explore your wishes and needs from supervision, and undertake for us regularly to review that we are meeting those needs. This is done in a spirit of mutual collaboration and respect – two professionals working together for the greater good.

Qualified & Experienced

As a qualified supervisor and experienced tutor of counselling diplomas, I have great insight into the supervisory needs of counselling trainees and newly qualified practitioners. I also have extensive experience of working within a peer supervision setting with a group of highly experienced therapists.

Additionally, I facilitated group supervision for Cruse Bereavement Care volunteers for several years.

Options therefore include:

  • Individual face to face supervision
  • Individual Online supervision (using Zoom, akin to Skype)
  • Group supervision

I hold a CPCAB Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision. Regular and on-going supervision is a professional requirement – I strive to offer a balance between the serious, weighty, ethical issues which often confront us, and the lighter, creative and celebratory aspect of supervision, such that it feels less a monthly obligation, and more a rich, collaborative, professional experience to look forward to!

Secure Remote Supervision Service

Loraine provides supervision services remotely via secure app. You can contact Loraine directly to discuss your supervision requirements.