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Grief and Loss


A bereavement is any significant loss. Many bereavements can be extremely difficult to come to terms with. We are often unprepared for the profound experience of grief, which touches the whole of our being – our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

There are many models of grief and the process of mourning a loss. Indeed, the general features will likely be familiar to many who have experienced a significant loss in their lives. But your grief – how you experience and respond to it – will be unique to you.

Specialist support

Grieving is a natural human process, but sometimes the sheer magnitude of emotion, or the circumstances around the loss can make us feel overwhelmed. It can also affect our relationships, our work and even our ability to engage in everyday activities.

Sometimes the natural process of grieving becomes hindered or stuck because of complex issues surrounding the loss, or because of difficult feelings in connection with the loss. For example, feelings of responsibility, guilt, blame or shame. EMDR therapy can be especially beneficial to resolve these complications when simply talking them through proves not enough.

Specialist bereavement counselling

As a North Devon therapist with specialist training in bereavement counselling, Loraine can provide compassionate and professional support to help you understand, process and cope with your loss.