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Anxiety serves us well when it warns us of potential danger or harm, or reminds us of our natural human vulnerability. However, anxiety that escalates and forms a stranglehold on our daily existence is at best unpleasant and at worst debilitating.

Anxiety comes in many forms

Anxiety can be general, e.g. Generalised Anxiety Disorder, or more specific, e.g. social anxiety. It also forms the basis of a range of common mental health problems such as OCD and phobias.

Coping with anxiety

Living with anxiety in whatever form can materially affect our quality of life. A common and understandable response to anxious thoughts and feelings is avoidance. Unfortunately, although that can give us some short-term relief, it usually only serves to reinforce the anxiety.

Anxiety can be compared to a bully – it feels unthinkable to stand up to it, but the more we submit, the stronger the bully feels. When we stand up to the bully, it often backs down and loses its power. The thoughts and beliefs we have about our anxiety directly affect how we experience it.

Effective anxiety management

If you live in the North Devon area, Loraine can help you to explore and understand the nature of your anxiety, and equip you with tools and techniques to alleviate it.