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    Navigating your choice of therapist and therapy

    Since Sigmund Freud put therapy on the map with his psychoanalytic approach, there has been an exponential growth in the different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy

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    ‘Just breathe!’ – Breathing your way to better health.

    Breathing is the only vital function under both voluntary and involuntary control. We can be distracted, dosing or even unconscious, and our breathing is taken care of. By contrast, we can direct…

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    Counselling supervision is a professional requirement but should not be a tick-box experience. Good supervision is a collaborative and enriching process that promotes best practice.

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    Tension & Trauma Release Exercises is a therapeutic approach that engages the body’s innate tremor mechanism to release physical tension patterns, restore balance and aid recovery.

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    Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a specialised and recognised therapy for a range of mental health conditions including PTSD, OCD, addictions, anxiety and complicated grief.

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    Counselling & Psychotherapy

    These are talk therapies that offer a professional, safe, non-judgemental space to explore, reflect, change, and enhance well-being. They can be short or long-term therapies.

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    Welcome to CairnCounselling

    Loraine Cairns is an experienced therapist working in the centre of Barnstaple, North Devon. She offers a range of therapeutic services in a professional and welcoming setting.

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    Information on Cairn Counselling’s offices and how to get in touch with Loraine.

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    The human experience of stress is multi-dimensional. It incorporates a cocktail of pressure, tension and strain, which can be experienced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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    Relationship Issues

    As human beings we are social animals and relationship seeking. This is encoded in us as part of our species’ survival strategy.